Exclusive: Lorimer, Dr. Bob & Arnold Unveil Statue!

We have big news for those of you coming out to the Arnold Sports Festival this year and details are now revealed of our major photo event! Everyone’s favorite Bronze Arnold statue will now permanently reside at Ohio’s Veterans Memorial Auditorium and you will not want to miss out on the grand unveiling by Arnold himself! To bring you all the details, I spoke with two key players of this unveiling event: Jim Lorimer, Co-founder of the Arnold Classic, and Dr. Robert M. Goldman (Dr. Bob), who generously purchased the statue for the fans.TheArnoldFans: Jim, can you please tell our readers about the Arnold statue? I understand there may be an official unveiling. Will Arnold be present?Jim Lorimer: The 8 ½ bronze statue of Arnold will be placed on the front lawn of Veterans Memorial Auditorium (300 W. Broad Street, Columbus) at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, March 2nd. Arnold will do the unveiling which is in recognition of his commitment to bodybuilding and Columbus since 1970. The Columbus Mayor will be there and all the Arnold fans are invited for this special tribute to Arnold and to the Arnold Classic.Now let’s hear from Dr. Bob (founder of the International Sports Hall of Fame), who we Arnold fans need to thank for financially supporting the event and dealing with the placement and purchase of the statue.TheArnoldFans: Thank you, Dr. Bob, for bringing this statue to the Classic. Arnold fans and bodybuilders will love you for this wonderful contribution!Dr. Bob: The statue goes hand-in-hand with the Sports Hall of Fame because our mission is to recognize the greatest of the great – which Arnold is. So sponsoring the statue goes exactly inline with our mission in terms of recognizing these important sports legends, especially those who have given back. Look what Arnold has brought to the city of Columbus. Never-mind the 40 million a year in terms of revenue to the city, but just the prestige in bringing a few hundred thousand people from all over to the city of Columbus. That’s another reason I brought the statue and I wanted to have this happen too.TheArnoldFans: I understand there might be up to seven of these statues created? Did you rent one for a week or did you purchase one for good and where will it reside after the Classic is over?Dr. Bob: There are only two as far as I know…one in Austria at the Schwarzenegger museum and this one. The 7 thing was just some news nonsense chatter that was around. I paid and it’s being donated to the city permanently to be installed at Veterans Memorial Stadium.TheArnoldFans: Permanently!? This is fantastic!Dr. Bob: Yes, this for perpetuity so the fans can forever visit the statue and take pictures with it. This is my gift to my good friend Governor Arnold and the fine city of Columbus.Now let’s all meet up in Ohio! TheArnoldFans is organizing a mass photo op for the biggest and ballsiest Schwarzenegger fans! We’re all converging at the bronze Arnold statue for a meet and greet on Saturday, March 3rd at 1:20pm for the official 1:30pm “fan-tastic photo”! This is right before the Arnold Classic and Bikini International Prejudging at 2pm. Be prepared to flex like Arnold for the pose! Come on out and meet TheArnoldFans staff along with some possible other surprise athletes and fitness models. Don’t miss out on the photo, trivia contest prizes and fun! Be there or be a low forehead!Finally, fans of the Classic were concerned that Jim Lorimer was not going to take part in the Sunday Arnold Training Seminar. Read on to hear the good news that Lorimer will in fact BE BACK!Jim Lorimer: Randy, I will again be making the opening introductions and comments at the Sunday morning – but the presentation will now be called the “Arnold Morning Weekend Review” – and will be hosted by Bob Cicherillo. There will be some new surprises during the 9:00 to noon session – with many top athletes telling their personal stories.Be sure to attend The Arnold Morning Weekend Review, as this has always been our favorite experience of the whole Arnold Classic event. Get your tickets HERE!On a final note to Arnold. PLEASE make an affordable miniature replica of this statue as i’m sure every person in attendance to The Classic would want to own such a fantastic souvenir. Can we all say “Proceeds to the After-School All-Stars”?

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